2 Dec 2011


my two favourite artists at the moment.
Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) his mix tapes House of Balloons and Thursday are so good it’s disgusting.
Jermaine Cole (J.Cole) his mix tapes speak for themselves. His debut album, at first disappointed me, but after a couple of listens man, I am HOOKED! Always raps about stuff you actually want to listen to but the album didn’t grab me at first because of the beats etc. Believe me, they are very good for a debut. Even featuring Missy Elliot.. Thank God she’s back. Sort of. And the track she’s featured on is classic!
ok enough. 

29 Oct 2011

Just a Little Something to Brighten Your Day!

After getting some emails from my Mum (i know lol) I have come across one with the cutest and funniest captions on some otherwise weird photo's... Take a look..

The 3rd and 6th ones are my favourite!

All images are from the web, I do take credit for any of these in this post.

22 Oct 2011

The Almighty SLEEP!!

A few of my friends have insomnia. I myself have never suffered from this; I am naturally an early sleeper and early riser. =) -which is bad sometimes!

However I came across a website today that puts into words what I have been trying to explain to my friend's when they ask me for advice. An excerpt:

       "I read that most insomniacs are people who go to bed when they aren’t sleepy. If you aren’t sleepy and find yourself unable to fall asleep quickly, get up and stay awake for a while. Resist sleep until your body begins to release the hormones that rob you of consciousness. If you simply go to bed when you’re sleepy and then get up at a fixed time, you’ll cure your insomnia. The first night you’ll stay up late, but you’ll fall asleep right away. You may be tired that first day from getting up too early and getting only a few hours of sleep the whole night, but you’ll slog through the day and will want to go to bed earlier that second night. After a few days, you’ll settle into a pattern of going to bed at roughly the same time and falling asleep right away. So if you want to become an early riser (or just exert more control over your sleep patterns), then try this: Go to bed only when you’re too sleepy to stay up, and get up at a fixed time every morning.'' -May 23rd, 2005 by Steve Pavlina

For the full entry: How to Become an Early Riser

8 Sep 2011

Nails Have It All..Part 2

As a follow up from the last post I thought I would just go over some colour combinations that would work with this mismatched nail look..

There are a few factors to consider, your skin tone and the look that you want.  
- Warmer skin tone --> colours with warm undertones. Basically, you can wear nearly any colour as long as it is the warmer version of it. So for e.g. a hot or brighter pink with red undertones as opposed to a light or pastel pink will work.
- Lighter skin tones (going with the same e.g) --> colours with cooler undertones, so a lighter or pastel pink will work better than a hot or deep pink. 

I have put a few nail polishes together but in sort of a domino effect, so, the colours that are next to each other, go together for a complimentary colour look. So: 
Grey Pink
Grey . Mid Blue
Pink . Mid Blue
Mid Blue . Orange
Mid Blue . Pink
Orange . Pink
Red . Blue

For the Contrasting look you basically do the opposite of what I've shown you here, just make sure the colours clash, the last suggestion (red&blue) was more of a clashing combination.

Have fun basically, make sure your comfortable wearing your particular mix because you will exude more confidence, so be enthusiastic about your choice!
Happy Painting

I wasn't going to show the makes but I'm going to list them anyway so thought it didn't make sense not showing them.... anyway..(!)..
As always, I have not been asked to promote these brands these are just my personal polishes and opinions!
from bottom to top, left to right..
Nails Inc - the southbank
Nails Inc - festival pier
Nails Inc - the serpentine
                                                          Barry M - shocking pink
These are the two I used for my mani }  
                                                          Barry M - coral
Salon System Professional Range (limited Availability to professionals only) -strawberry cloud
No 17 - seabreeze

Photo Credit: http://www.chicprofile.com/2010/04/rmk-stunning-series-nail-polish-collection-for-spring-summer-2010.html

3 Sep 2011

Nails: Have it All..

Usually, my nails are painted every week, a new colour..the same colour.. whatever. Just re-done every week. I find it quite therapeutic I think a lot of girls(/guys) do!

Recently, my nails have been given a break, but tonight, I tried something out I saw on Kimora's life in the Fab Lane! Sometimes you can't choose between a couple of colours you really like and if your like me, and your not a fan of the whole, one nail a different colour to the rest of the hand manicure, then it's always a hard decision trying to pick just One colour.
But, on the show I saw a really cool manicure on one of her assistants..
Each hand was painted a different colour! This made me smile I thought it was really playful without being too childish. But remember, when going a bit out there with nail polish choice, always keep nails short and neat! To avoid looking scary and tacky!
She had it done with one hand a mid blue and the other a cherry red..I didn't have those particular shades so I chose two other complimentary colours..Here's my manicure..! 
PS. Excuse the wild hair!


Upon browsing through my Stumble account, I came across this page 27Lessons27Years
And it got me thinking. It's an interesting thing to do to sit and evaluate the positive things you have taken away from all the seemingly negative experiences you've had throughout your years. And also sometimes through good times, spur of the moment and rebel times.

So here are my, 22 Lessons I've Learned In 22 Years:

1. The hobby/activity you obsessed with as a child will follow you throughout your life.

2. If you are your Grandparents favourite, chances are one or more of your family members will hate you for it.

3. Disneyland IS where dreams are made

4. The dark isn't something to be afraid of. When your at home, in your room, safe in bed. At all other times though..

5. No one is up to anything good when drawing money out at 2am

6. Always tell the truth

7. Don't put up with anyone's crap. I mean it. If you know what you are doing is correct, stick to it.

8. Love wholeheartedly, but never trust initially. 

9. Make sure whoever your first love is, is just as open as you are, give everything, it will be the best.

10. Make your bed every morning. Never skip. Meditate for at least two minutes to focus for the day

11. Listen to your Mum/Dad the first time around for most things. 

12. Follow happiness like a dealer follows herb. Stay away from things that don't make you happy, I have learned this through a negative experience, that happiness is more important than Anything.

13. Practice makes perfect. Don't be lazy (try ..im the laziest personEVERso this one is hard for me! But still, trying)

14. The way you treat and feel about yourself, affects the way other's will see and treat you.

15. Love the way you look. Nobody got it like you.

16. Be Confident in everything you do.

17. The way to feel confident if not already, is to put in 100% to whatever it is your doing.

18. Don't expect too much from the people around you, sometimes, even though if they are family, doesn't mean their personality will mean they act like it. Doesn't mean don't love them. Love but be understanding of this fact.

19. If you act like a victim, they will treat you like one.

20. Hold on to your friends who have actually been there, don't make excuses for the friendships of those part-timers. 

21. Don't act in haste.

22. You don't have to be everyone's friend. There will be some people you just can't get on with, and for no particular reason. It's ok. And it's not something you should worry about


What are yours??....!!

31 Aug 2011

Funny or Die

Funny or Die these guys are hilarious! Check them out, some of my favourite clips... (all happen to be from the Spiderman/Milk/127Hours actor, James Franco..no ahem reason why.. ha!)

I have not been asked to promote this site.

8 Jul 2011

Stairways to Heaven

Here is a website I stumbled upon whilst researching some interior ideas for a house my Uncle is having built in London for himself and his family..

Stairways to Heaven?

Take a look, the concrete ones are my favourite, I like the coldness of the material especially the way they are made; with the light gap between the staircase and the wall. Not only does this look impressive in building terms (''oo I wonder how they got the stairs to stay up! They don't seem to be attached to anything!'') but also makes the material look less hard edged and cold.

6 Jul 2011

Funny images

Looking around I found some funny photo's/images thought I'd share some I've come across..
Enjoy :)

If Apple made other things...

 These next images are of street art, which through a camera are seen as 3Dimages..

2 Jul 2011

Favourite Fives.. Random Right Now!

A List of my Favourite Five things right now. No particular theme or order:

1. Wheatgerm oil. Amazing for skin, externally applied, helps improve circulation in the skin, eczema, also is very good for dehydrated skin. Massage well into the skin and leave for a while (10mins-1/2 hour) and then rinse with warm water. Wheatgerm oil and this little routine is commonly used as part of a facial treatment. Makes your skin brighter and softer.

2. Kevin Hart. Just love the guy to pieces he is so funny, check him on YouTube: HartBeat Productions.

3. Navy suede. Not seen these before.. but recently saw some women's dark navy suede moccasins and I actually fell in love a little.

4. Costa. New found appreciation. Never used to go here before one opened up near my house, every time go in and order something new I'm always pleasantly surprised. You get the horrible kind of surprises at Starbucks.. hot chocolate is disgusting!! I used to be a Starbucks VET.!

5. Boyfriend jeans rolled up a la Katie Holmes et Jessica Alba. Works best if your tall, otherwise makes thighs look chunkier than they are, petite frames suit this look wearing straight cut jeans.

 Happy Weekend

21 Jun 2011


Amazing photo's from WW2.. they speak for themselves...check out the article..


11 Jun 2011

Travel Nation! Summer Holiday Packing..

A few friends are off on holiday and I remembered all the times I've had that panic of putting everything into my hand luggage. The thought of not being able to go anywhere for 6-8hours, seems to scare us into a frenzy of trying to pack in everything we could ever want in Life!

I thought about five things that I think are the only things you really need. 

1. iPod!+Phone
2. Lip balm, chewing gum + hand cream..can also be used as a face cream if used sparingly -remember how dry your skin gets on the flight.
3. Pashmina.. can be worn as a scarf, used as a blanket, used a pillow aaand looks good  on your handbag when not in use. Phew!
4. A book I'm actually interested in -this isn't the time to start that Keats book 'you haven't gotten around to reading yet'-, or more realistically, a good quality magazine that you can dip in and out of in-between the inflight movies
5. Hair grips and hairbands for that messy hair after a night flight

One friend 's essentials -self confessed!- 'non-creative' list: 
-Makes for a very sociable flight ^.^ !!

Other things that may make your list: sickness pills, some people take a change of underwear/top, Gameboys, activity books, laptops..

Doing this exercise will make you think about you actually need and stop you having to lug around a handbag the max. weight limit!! Or you can let me do all the work and just use my list! :) 
If you have a more creative or interesting list post it! I wana read :)
Happy Flying, X&O's

8 Jun 2011


If you don't know about this -I'm going to call it a- movement then you need to get to know!!!
Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are a group of guys basically mixing it up, making real music. They are young, and sometimes it shows, but to be honest greatness comes from youth sometimes because your fearless. You don't see why something Can't happen or why people are telling you that from experience they know something just won't work. You haven't had that experience yet so you do it anyway because you know no different than the result you foresee in your mind. 
And so if done with the right amount of conviction you prove them wrong in the process and you create something Amazing. This has been seen countless times in the past, Ayrton Senna, Muhammad Ali, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Fernando Alonso, and even though I hate him, Lewis Hamilton. (I realise these are all sportsfigures, but these are the only examples I can give with 100% confidence!) This, is what I see in these young men giving everything they know in their music. 
Pack leader Tyler the Creator (he also has other pseudonyms, Wolf Haley) produces, writes, raps and directs music videos. I saw a concert they did on YouTube and just by that one video the response they were getting, their energy, their presence and just everything, reminded me of the great, almighty, Wu Tang Clan.
If you think about it, Wu Tang were making music about sword fighting, combat and street fighting in a time where G-Funk was present and the likes of the NY hip hop scene preceeded them. They changed up the tempo of their beats, their flow and style and level of aggression in their raps and it was a welcome change. Not better than NWA and those greats-of course- but different. And it wasn't a gimmik or a fad it came from a real place they were a real team and cared about their production and content. ''Still Relevant.'' This phrase it used commonly used over networking sites such as Twitter and the crew condone it because it proves the power of that movement. And the realness of it. It came from the core so it would touch people in way much deeper than say, 'Black & Yellow' does.OddFuture are making this type of music, they have affiliations such as Frank Ocean, who is the reason I started this post actually, who make a slightly different style of music however it's all very well made. Whatever they have put out is very well executed. 

It is by and large Hip Hop though so when I heard Frank Ocean's song when a friend (E.Osman, 'Shaniqua')  posted it on a networking site, I was astounded. 

It immediately brought Bruno Mars to mind. Not because of musical similarity but because I remember Mars saying that the music he makes is simple. Good, but simple. And that's what this song was. The song btw, was 'Swim Good' from 'Nostalgia, ULTRA' mixtape, link for this download below. 

There was one verse of wordplay but the rest of the song was just well written and GOOD. After listening to a few more tracks I was reminded a lot of Kanye's work. Again not because it's similar but because his work has been referenced and used properly. It would be easy to take a sample off Kanye or use an effect that he uses and say it's inspired by him. This is not how reference should be made. As an architecture student we are constantly using the world and other architecture as starting points for our own work, and are meant to use other buildings as inspiration, however the same referencing technique applies. It is easy to use the same colour brick as another building on our own buildings and say 'You can see the reference I have used and have paid homage to such and such building.' But that's stupid and bad architecture. To take that brick colour and make it so intergrated into your design in another way that still makes a statement, but that it looks seamless in your scheme, is an example of a good reference to a precedent.

Not all of it is like Kanye obv lol, a lot reminds me of Kid Cudi too. 
-Man if Cudi was with OddFuture it would be disgusting!! lol.

I know there are other artists like Sade etc are out there that make this soulful music like Frank, but I'm focusing on him and OddFuture because they are a movement. 

I believe they are going to blow minds soon.

Frank Ocean Interview and Download Link 
Both photo's Frank Ocean and Mixtape cover are also sourced from the above link. 

7 Jun 2011

Ways I Wear it -Playful Skirt

As soon as my Mum saw this she was like, 'this is a waste of money I bet you your not going to wear this more than once!'

So naturally, seeing as I'm meant to be resting post op anyway, I sat down and thought about all possible outfit combinations for it lol. Here's one:
 A couple variations for a daytime look which is what I'm wearing today actually!:
 A night-time look, a little tougher with the leather jacket over the soft fabric skirt and dusty pink colour. The second image isn't that clear here but I'm wearing tan brogues that you can see better in the following photograph!
Shots with the whole outfit included:

The skirt cost like £6.99 from H&M -is a little see through in that you could see the tee shirt tucked in so I wore a black jersey skirt from H&M also underneath and tucked the tee shirt into that.
The Jack Daniels esq. tee is from a Paris gift shop 
Leather look jacket is from New Look
Brogues again New Look
ShoeBoots from BullBoxer
Topshop tights

30 May 2011

The Results of my Baking.. :/

I posted on my twitter page that I was going to try out the Blueberry Boy Bait 'bites' that Lauren Conraad posted the recipe for on her website (link below)...here are the fruits of my labour....

The fun begins..

Maybe at this stage I should tell you that instead of doing all the flour and dry components together and the wet ingredients (eggs, milk etc) together then adding them slowly, I kinda added the eggs and milk and everything to the dry stuff separately..

So they came out a bit, soggy at the bottom. Everything else was fine, I promise!! Haha, the topping was amazing, sugar and ground cinnamon.. mmmm..!! Alsoo I just remembered I didn't quite have them on the middle shelf.. it was more near the top.. maybe that's why they weren't dry at the bottom... :/

Either way, give them a go, just read the recipe a bit more carefully than I did!!

Lauren's Recipe for Blueberry Boy Bait..

25 May 2011

The Way I Wear It..

Ok so this is a response to the second post I did on The Chino and one image of the 'way I wear it' as I had mentioned I would do. More to follow in the next few days.. I am actually wearing them out on Friday so I guess this is a tiny (two day lol) build up of different ensembles up until the one I decide to wear on the day!

Simple denim shirt tucked in with brown suede effect belt n the dark beige trouser.

18 May 2011

Dissertation Topic Done!

I have chosen! My dissertation topic is now going to be the Nottingham Contemporary. It is an art gallery in Nottingham, designed by Caruso St John. They are an East London based architecture firm and it will be  nice to discover how they've used their knowledge to respond to the awkward site that they have built the museum on it. 
As it was built in an area that used to produce lace, homage is paid on the facade with concrete tiles that have been caste with a lace pattern. 

Check the Museum out! pretty neat. 

17 May 2011

Dissertation: Choices Choices

Time has approached where I have to choose a building to be the topic for my dissertation -something you do in your Final year of University. 
I am leaning towards -and by leaning I mean resting on it like I have one remaining leg and even then it's wooden and has been sharpened to a toothpick point- the American Folk Art Museum, NY. We visited NY on a trip and went to MoMA, but didn't visit this museum even though it's a few blocks down and is actually part of it. weird. it's beautiful take a look:


14 May 2011

Quick Minute!

Was on http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/ blog page and saw this photo:

HOW amazing. I want to print it and frame it on my wall!  

I miss NY.

The brogue etc

Oookk so I've been looking at shoes! Dangerous area for some women I know! not for me though my vice is bags. 

But as of last summer I've been looking for some proper shoes. I keep harping on about a good 'structured' pair of shoes and my friends in turn keep making fun of me for the amount of detail I go into and the passion I have for it!

By structured I mean a pair that supports your foot as you walk and therefore has a bit of a heel. Yes, I'm going back to the days when yo were younger and -if your parents were anything like mine- you were dragged to Clarks and Russell & Bromley to buy school shoes. Those shoes however, have kept my feet in good condition and I would like to keep them that way! 

And this is what has sparked the major shoe frenzy I have caused among my friends. 

The criteria: good for walking, wearing everyday and match with most things.

It came down to the Russell & Bromley Chester Loafer however upon visiting the store a couple of days ago I say a brogue that is neither chunky or too manly, somehow they look feminine. And I think those are The pair.

What say you?


30 Apr 2011

Favourite Five's

So today will be a post about my favourite beauty products of all time:

Here goes!

1. Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner -It's the only thing that works for me! I have curly hair however it's not curly at the root.

With Mixed Chicks I watched the tutorial online and followed that.. bloody hell does this work!! It's made for bi-racial hair.. and although I'm not bi-racial, I read it was for any mix, latino, white, asian etc, and therefore wouldn't be the same as products made solely for black hair which are very rich in moisture and leave other types weighed down and greasy. Normally curl enhancing products leave my hair flat, heavy or in ringlets -which I don't like on me- so this was amazing. It leaves my hair light, soft and CURLY! And now I don't straighten my hair at all. I wear it curly and flipped to the side. It doesn't make your curls fall throughout the day, or become greasy, in fact you do not even know you have it in your hair. (Apart from the subtle nice smell!)
Link Below

2. Dr.Lips -It's from India, and it's amazing! It comes in a tube, and looks and feels like a more really soft Vaseline, and for someone who bites their lips a lot, this is a life saver as it works very quickly.

3. Nails Inc 'Victoria' and 'Southbank' -Victoria is my favourite colour nail polish, it's timeless and seasonless. It's a dark maroon colour and when applied with a good topcoat looks so elegant. The Southbank colour was part of a Cruise Collection that I got a couple years ago. You can buy it individually as well. With striking colours I tend to wear nails shorter. 
Link below
Another link to a post I did featuring these two colours:  Nails! Click me!

4. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Treatment -THIS is proper insider secret stuff I'm telling you about! It's not widely used, and I'm not sure why, it's really good. Just apply over a blemish morning and night, and it reduces redness and over a couple of days treats it.

5. Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter -A recent purchase with the Scrub of Your Life body scrub, this lotion makes your skin feel so soft! Easy to apply and smells alright too! :P
Link below

Now, I want your favourite five all time beauty products!! As you can see I have no make up products in mine but you may in yours!! Leave your FavouriteFives in the comments below and if I see any that are unusual or eye-catching I'll mention them and the author in next weeks post!

I have not been asked to endorse any of these products. These are my own opinions and thoughts. 
Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner 10 fl oz (300 ml)
Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel, 0.5 Ounce
Soap & Glory Fill Monty - 0.4 oz

23 Apr 2011

The Chino.

So the Chino pant. 
This is a hot topic atm with the current fashion incorporating it into many current trends.. beach, sailor, preppy, 'white', classic.. etc. 

And so, calls for addressing because I love chino's, and always have done, however I ditched them once I got to uni, because 1. I grew out of the pairs I had had and 2. when I started uni no one was really into that look (yes young and impressionable!) and my course was too hectic for  me to go and buy more!

Now however, I have been bothered to get back my look! It annoys me a little that everyone is jumping on this bandwagon and you get the typical looks, chinos..white tee..converse/sandal/pump. This is a good look, just that it's the obvious look. Chino's are SO versatile... you'll see what I mean in the links..

A little background.. they originally were made from 100% cotton although now you can get the cotton/synth blend for more comfort and also depending on whether or not you want a more relaxed look. We'll get back to that later too.
Developed in the mid 19th Century it was first used in military uniforms, and was also known as khaki. -i knew it!! I always call it khaki and everyone gets confused!! 

Personally, a good pair of chino's should be a straight leg, with a crease down the middle. I don't think you can beat that; and therefore should not have too much of a synth blend as it will make them too soft. Also, a peg legged or cropped chino looks better if you keep the crease! This works for the Classic and Tailored look

This look is cute, I really like it. I remember in high school a friend came in with these and wore a sleeveless vest top and white pumps. She looked great. Although I recommend this for younger girls.. as recently I bought some and found I loved them but just not on me. They looked fine I just found that didn't want that look any more.
If you want to try it, keep everything else feminine, pair it with flat trainers/a good pair of plimsolls (not Vans, the soles are too chunky and will end up looking too guy-ish) and wear a fitted (not tight please!) top, t-shirt or sleeveless top. Avoid a strappy top.
The trouser should be fitted at the hip bone and should have a straight drop to the shoe, you can either roll them up once or twice (try and be a little but not too neat) if necessary, and they should slightly scrunch. I had mine from Uniqlo, (link below) and even though they were called 'boyfriend fit' I found my actual size was only slightly bigger and looked Mumsy, so I went up two sizes to find this look I was going for.

And for all of you who like the extremely tailored look, or not wanting the classic polo riding club thing going on, a slim leg or skinny leg cut is really nice, and gives the trouser a young feel as they can seem pretty old otherwise.

On A Side Note: 
Because they're in fashion atm,  I URGE you all NOT to go and buy a pair for the sake of the season. LOOK around and find a material that works firstly, THEN look at the cut. Because all the high strt shops are getting them out on shop floors ASAP and not thinking carefully about how an actual trouser is made, you get weird crotches on these trousers... baggy cuffs and generally ill fitting trousers. PAPERBAG..(i hate these) Dropped crotch, and the Chino's with pleats at the top. Oh my Lord, please take my advice as gospel when buying those. Those really have to be made well to work. I have seen so many girls with baggy crotch areas when they walk due to buying crap trousers it hurts. And it will hurt every lover of good tailoring!!
These images are a (mild) example of what I mean. This now, when you walk will look weird!
Invest in a proper trouser, it will last longer than the trend and will become a staple in your wardrobe!! Trust me! 

The last pair I had when I was in high school I had from Ralph Lauren and the fit was superb. Now however, I would probably go to Zara as I have bought some trousers from there recently, and I LOVE them!!

They really are the definition of Comfort+Style.

chino under Tailored heading
boyfriend trouser image
Boyfriend Fit