30 May 2011

The Results of my Baking.. :/

I posted on my twitter page that I was going to try out the Blueberry Boy Bait 'bites' that Lauren Conraad posted the recipe for on her website (link below)...here are the fruits of my labour....

The fun begins..

Maybe at this stage I should tell you that instead of doing all the flour and dry components together and the wet ingredients (eggs, milk etc) together then adding them slowly, I kinda added the eggs and milk and everything to the dry stuff separately..

So they came out a bit, soggy at the bottom. Everything else was fine, I promise!! Haha, the topping was amazing, sugar and ground cinnamon.. mmmm..!! Alsoo I just remembered I didn't quite have them on the middle shelf.. it was more near the top.. maybe that's why they weren't dry at the bottom... :/

Either way, give them a go, just read the recipe a bit more carefully than I did!!

Lauren's Recipe for Blueberry Boy Bait..

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