8 Sep 2011

Nails Have It All..Part 2

As a follow up from the last post I thought I would just go over some colour combinations that would work with this mismatched nail look..

There are a few factors to consider, your skin tone and the look that you want.  
- Warmer skin tone --> colours with warm undertones. Basically, you can wear nearly any colour as long as it is the warmer version of it. So for e.g. a hot or brighter pink with red undertones as opposed to a light or pastel pink will work.
- Lighter skin tones (going with the same e.g) --> colours with cooler undertones, so a lighter or pastel pink will work better than a hot or deep pink. 

I have put a few nail polishes together but in sort of a domino effect, so, the colours that are next to each other, go together for a complimentary colour look. So: 
Grey Pink
Grey . Mid Blue
Pink . Mid Blue
Mid Blue . Orange
Mid Blue . Pink
Orange . Pink
Red . Blue

For the Contrasting look you basically do the opposite of what I've shown you here, just make sure the colours clash, the last suggestion (red&blue) was more of a clashing combination.

Have fun basically, make sure your comfortable wearing your particular mix because you will exude more confidence, so be enthusiastic about your choice!
Happy Painting

I wasn't going to show the makes but I'm going to list them anyway so thought it didn't make sense not showing them.... anyway..(!)..
As always, I have not been asked to promote these brands these are just my personal polishes and opinions!
from bottom to top, left to right..
Nails Inc - the southbank
Nails Inc - festival pier
Nails Inc - the serpentine
                                                          Barry M - shocking pink
These are the two I used for my mani }  
                                                          Barry M - coral
Salon System Professional Range (limited Availability to professionals only) -strawberry cloud
No 17 - seabreeze

Photo Credit: http://www.chicprofile.com/2010/04/rmk-stunning-series-nail-polish-collection-for-spring-summer-2010.html

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