8 Sep 2011

Nails Have It All..Part 2

As a follow up from the last post I thought I would just go over some colour combinations that would work with this mismatched nail look..

There are a few factors to consider, your skin tone and the look that you want.  
- Warmer skin tone --> colours with warm undertones. Basically, you can wear nearly any colour as long as it is the warmer version of it. So for e.g. a hot or brighter pink with red undertones as opposed to a light or pastel pink will work.
- Lighter skin tones (going with the same e.g) --> colours with cooler undertones, so a lighter or pastel pink will work better than a hot or deep pink. 

I have put a few nail polishes together but in sort of a domino effect, so, the colours that are next to each other, go together for a complimentary colour look. So: 
Grey Pink
Grey . Mid Blue
Pink . Mid Blue
Mid Blue . Orange
Mid Blue . Pink
Orange . Pink
Red . Blue

For the Contrasting look you basically do the opposite of what I've shown you here, just make sure the colours clash, the last suggestion (red&blue) was more of a clashing combination.

Have fun basically, make sure your comfortable wearing your particular mix because you will exude more confidence, so be enthusiastic about your choice!
Happy Painting

I wasn't going to show the makes but I'm going to list them anyway so thought it didn't make sense not showing them.... anyway..(!)..
As always, I have not been asked to promote these brands these are just my personal polishes and opinions!
from bottom to top, left to right..
Nails Inc - the southbank
Nails Inc - festival pier
Nails Inc - the serpentine
                                                          Barry M - shocking pink
These are the two I used for my mani }  
                                                          Barry M - coral
Salon System Professional Range (limited Availability to professionals only) -strawberry cloud
No 17 - seabreeze

Photo Credit: http://www.chicprofile.com/2010/04/rmk-stunning-series-nail-polish-collection-for-spring-summer-2010.html

3 Sep 2011

Nails: Have it All..

Usually, my nails are painted every week, a new colour..the same colour.. whatever. Just re-done every week. I find it quite therapeutic I think a lot of girls(/guys) do!

Recently, my nails have been given a break, but tonight, I tried something out I saw on Kimora's life in the Fab Lane! Sometimes you can't choose between a couple of colours you really like and if your like me, and your not a fan of the whole, one nail a different colour to the rest of the hand manicure, then it's always a hard decision trying to pick just One colour.
But, on the show I saw a really cool manicure on one of her assistants..
Each hand was painted a different colour! This made me smile I thought it was really playful without being too childish. But remember, when going a bit out there with nail polish choice, always keep nails short and neat! To avoid looking scary and tacky!
She had it done with one hand a mid blue and the other a cherry red..I didn't have those particular shades so I chose two other complimentary colours..Here's my manicure..! 
PS. Excuse the wild hair!


Upon browsing through my Stumble account, I came across this page 27Lessons27Years
And it got me thinking. It's an interesting thing to do to sit and evaluate the positive things you have taken away from all the seemingly negative experiences you've had throughout your years. And also sometimes through good times, spur of the moment and rebel times.

So here are my, 22 Lessons I've Learned In 22 Years:

1. The hobby/activity you obsessed with as a child will follow you throughout your life.

2. If you are your Grandparents favourite, chances are one or more of your family members will hate you for it.

3. Disneyland IS where dreams are made

4. The dark isn't something to be afraid of. When your at home, in your room, safe in bed. At all other times though..

5. No one is up to anything good when drawing money out at 2am

6. Always tell the truth

7. Don't put up with anyone's crap. I mean it. If you know what you are doing is correct, stick to it.

8. Love wholeheartedly, but never trust initially. 

9. Make sure whoever your first love is, is just as open as you are, give everything, it will be the best.

10. Make your bed every morning. Never skip. Meditate for at least two minutes to focus for the day

11. Listen to your Mum/Dad the first time around for most things. 

12. Follow happiness like a dealer follows herb. Stay away from things that don't make you happy, I have learned this through a negative experience, that happiness is more important than Anything.

13. Practice makes perfect. Don't be lazy (try ..im the laziest personEVERso this one is hard for me! But still, trying)

14. The way you treat and feel about yourself, affects the way other's will see and treat you.

15. Love the way you look. Nobody got it like you.

16. Be Confident in everything you do.

17. The way to feel confident if not already, is to put in 100% to whatever it is your doing.

18. Don't expect too much from the people around you, sometimes, even though if they are family, doesn't mean their personality will mean they act like it. Doesn't mean don't love them. Love but be understanding of this fact.

19. If you act like a victim, they will treat you like one.

20. Hold on to your friends who have actually been there, don't make excuses for the friendships of those part-timers. 

21. Don't act in haste.

22. You don't have to be everyone's friend. There will be some people you just can't get on with, and for no particular reason. It's ok. And it's not something you should worry about


What are yours??....!!