23 Apr 2011

The Chino.

So the Chino pant. 
This is a hot topic atm with the current fashion incorporating it into many current trends.. beach, sailor, preppy, 'white', classic.. etc. 

And so, calls for addressing because I love chino's, and always have done, however I ditched them once I got to uni, because 1. I grew out of the pairs I had had and 2. when I started uni no one was really into that look (yes young and impressionable!) and my course was too hectic for  me to go and buy more!

Now however, I have been bothered to get back my look! It annoys me a little that everyone is jumping on this bandwagon and you get the typical looks, chinos..white tee..converse/sandal/pump. This is a good look, just that it's the obvious look. Chino's are SO versatile... you'll see what I mean in the links..

A little background.. they originally were made from 100% cotton although now you can get the cotton/synth blend for more comfort and also depending on whether or not you want a more relaxed look. We'll get back to that later too.
Developed in the mid 19th Century it was first used in military uniforms, and was also known as khaki. -i knew it!! I always call it khaki and everyone gets confused!! 

Personally, a good pair of chino's should be a straight leg, with a crease down the middle. I don't think you can beat that; and therefore should not have too much of a synth blend as it will make them too soft. Also, a peg legged or cropped chino looks better if you keep the crease! This works for the Classic and Tailored look

This look is cute, I really like it. I remember in high school a friend came in with these and wore a sleeveless vest top and white pumps. She looked great. Although I recommend this for younger girls.. as recently I bought some and found I loved them but just not on me. They looked fine I just found that didn't want that look any more.
If you want to try it, keep everything else feminine, pair it with flat trainers/a good pair of plimsolls (not Vans, the soles are too chunky and will end up looking too guy-ish) and wear a fitted (not tight please!) top, t-shirt or sleeveless top. Avoid a strappy top.
The trouser should be fitted at the hip bone and should have a straight drop to the shoe, you can either roll them up once or twice (try and be a little but not too neat) if necessary, and they should slightly scrunch. I had mine from Uniqlo, (link below) and even though they were called 'boyfriend fit' I found my actual size was only slightly bigger and looked Mumsy, so I went up two sizes to find this look I was going for.

And for all of you who like the extremely tailored look, or not wanting the classic polo riding club thing going on, a slim leg or skinny leg cut is really nice, and gives the trouser a young feel as they can seem pretty old otherwise.

On A Side Note: 
Because they're in fashion atm,  I URGE you all NOT to go and buy a pair for the sake of the season. LOOK around and find a material that works firstly, THEN look at the cut. Because all the high strt shops are getting them out on shop floors ASAP and not thinking carefully about how an actual trouser is made, you get weird crotches on these trousers... baggy cuffs and generally ill fitting trousers. PAPERBAG..(i hate these) Dropped crotch, and the Chino's with pleats at the top. Oh my Lord, please take my advice as gospel when buying those. Those really have to be made well to work. I have seen so many girls with baggy crotch areas when they walk due to buying crap trousers it hurts. And it will hurt every lover of good tailoring!!
These images are a (mild) example of what I mean. This now, when you walk will look weird!
Invest in a proper trouser, it will last longer than the trend and will become a staple in your wardrobe!! Trust me! 

The last pair I had when I was in high school I had from Ralph Lauren and the fit was superb. Now however, I would probably go to Zara as I have bought some trousers from there recently, and I LOVE them!!

They really are the definition of Comfort+Style.

chino under Tailored heading
boyfriend trouser image
Boyfriend Fit

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