3 Sep 2011

Nails: Have it All..

Usually, my nails are painted every week, a new colour..the same colour.. whatever. Just re-done every week. I find it quite therapeutic I think a lot of girls(/guys) do!

Recently, my nails have been given a break, but tonight, I tried something out I saw on Kimora's life in the Fab Lane! Sometimes you can't choose between a couple of colours you really like and if your like me, and your not a fan of the whole, one nail a different colour to the rest of the hand manicure, then it's always a hard decision trying to pick just One colour.
But, on the show I saw a really cool manicure on one of her assistants..
Each hand was painted a different colour! This made me smile I thought it was really playful without being too childish. But remember, when going a bit out there with nail polish choice, always keep nails short and neat! To avoid looking scary and tacky!
She had it done with one hand a mid blue and the other a cherry red..I didn't have those particular shades so I chose two other complimentary colours..Here's my manicure..! 
PS. Excuse the wild hair!

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