25 Sep 2012

My Tumblr

Hey Guys!

Just to let you know I also have a Tumblr account. Here you can get recipes, a look at my personal style, make up etc, whereas on the Tumblr it's just outfit posts and photography!


Whilst I'm updating you all here are all my other accounts:
Twitter: @Neesho
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I keep it consistent! 

I'm off but i hope you all have a good day!


4 Jul 2012

Strawberry Fairy Cakes

I was given a baking recipe book for my recent birthday by one of best friends for my recent birthday in return for the recipe book I gave her on hers. (I included a joke in there about her adding it into a collection of books that will help her once married, so this was her way of repaying the, urm, gesture!)

Obviously when you flip through these books all you want to do is either start baking immediately, or immediately start eating everything.

I did the former, (so I could do the latter!) and had the excuse of visiting my cousin over the weekend to bake something nice for her and her family.

Now, my cousin has five kids. Yes, you read that right, five. So I tried looking for a recipe that would appeal to a range of different tastes and I found

Strawberry Fairy Cakes.

To make twelve.

Ingredients in order you'll need them:

125g Caster sugar
100g Unsalted butter
2 Eggs
150g Self raising flour
1tsp Vanilla extract
2tbsp Natural yoghurt
50g strawberry jam (the best quality you can afford.)
Strawberries to decorate.

To Prep: Turn the oven to 200 degrees Centigrade, and place your muffins cases into the muffin tin.

Firstly, the butter and sugar needs to be creamed to a fluffy consistency.
Eggs to be added once this is done; one at a time mixing well after each addition.
Sift the flour into the mix and mix well.
The yoghurt, vanilla extract and the jam needs to be added and folded in until just blended in.
Ladle the mixture into the muffin cases and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until brown.

*Tip: Try not to open the oven door when baking, or if you have to try to wait until near the very end of the baking time. Stick a knife in and if it comes out clean/dry the cakes should be done, if there is mixture left on the knife, it means it needs a little more cooking.

15 May 2012

Judging People

If you’re into style because you feel good when you put an outfit together and you enjoy it…great, it shows because you’re probably smiling a lot and you give off a good vibe. Going on and judging other people on their choices however, takes away any class and style you posessed. Think about how you would feel if someone who you admired who was ‘more stylish’ did that to you one day. Just some thoughts after seeing a few ‘style bloggers’ pages and the comments they make. Sort it out. I don’t really want that kind of BS on my Tumblr dashboard, I admire the style these people have I don’t like to see this attitude snaking around via comments about people they’ve seen out and about etc. I bet half of them wouldn’t be able to say it the persons face, don’t go onto Tumblr and shout about it.
Keep it positive.

10 Mar 2012

New Ish!

Hi Guys! Just to let you know I have another blog that focuses on my uni work. I am an architecture student for those of you who didn't know, and I am doing write ups on how my course is going and also answering questions from students also studying it and those who are looking to. 

Please follow and get in touch with any comments or questions on the course. Also I will be featuring lots of people who are in different careers so if you have any requests for a feature on a career you want highlighted then...You know what to do!!

Check my YouTube out for a quick intro video... http://youtu.be/4sq9MA_uh2Y 

Here's my blog: http://wallsplusroof.blogspot.com/

21 Jan 2012

Lakme Fashion Week '11 Roundup

This summer no doubt will be awash with weddings and events galore and I need to get all new outfits..So recently I have been looking at Indian Fashion as inspiration.

Taking a look at the Lakme's fashion shows I am sharing designers who have caught my eye, an overview of their collection and also highlighting my favourite pieces.

Amalraj Sengupta

Basically made up from Sport Luxe with casual shapes but heavy fabric, and more tailored shapes suited to evening featuring flirty frills. A couple of my favourite mens and womens from the collection:

Archana Kochhar
With this collection we see Luxe Sportswear being incorporated with the Indian style of dress.


Aneeth Arora
At first it bored me a little but as I went through the images the collection appeared to be getting much better, the designers obvious interest is in layering and textures.. But the reason why I am highlighting her is because of her ability to really merge the Indian textures with Western styling. there are obvious inspirations from London and New York urban street fashion featured in a very   consistent manner throughout.


Anita Ganguly & Anita Walia
Sports Luxe meets Futuristic Warrior in this collection. I am in Love with the print on the skirt and leggings in the larger images..

So ye! those are my favourites!

Check Me Out..!

Aside from this blog I have a Tumblr that takes you through life as an architecture student. I did this because I remember being a potential student and thinking, man if only I could see what's it's like! Architecture isn't something you study or have a familiarity with before your university career. So for this reason I thought it would be useful for other pre-uni students to have a resource where they could see what it's like. 
Link Below