8 Jun 2011


If you don't know about this -I'm going to call it a- movement then you need to get to know!!!
Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are a group of guys basically mixing it up, making real music. They are young, and sometimes it shows, but to be honest greatness comes from youth sometimes because your fearless. You don't see why something Can't happen or why people are telling you that from experience they know something just won't work. You haven't had that experience yet so you do it anyway because you know no different than the result you foresee in your mind. 
And so if done with the right amount of conviction you prove them wrong in the process and you create something Amazing. This has been seen countless times in the past, Ayrton Senna, Muhammad Ali, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Fernando Alonso, and even though I hate him, Lewis Hamilton. (I realise these are all sportsfigures, but these are the only examples I can give with 100% confidence!) This, is what I see in these young men giving everything they know in their music. 
Pack leader Tyler the Creator (he also has other pseudonyms, Wolf Haley) produces, writes, raps and directs music videos. I saw a concert they did on YouTube and just by that one video the response they were getting, their energy, their presence and just everything, reminded me of the great, almighty, Wu Tang Clan.
If you think about it, Wu Tang were making music about sword fighting, combat and street fighting in a time where G-Funk was present and the likes of the NY hip hop scene preceeded them. They changed up the tempo of their beats, their flow and style and level of aggression in their raps and it was a welcome change. Not better than NWA and those greats-of course- but different. And it wasn't a gimmik or a fad it came from a real place they were a real team and cared about their production and content. ''Still Relevant.'' This phrase it used commonly used over networking sites such as Twitter and the crew condone it because it proves the power of that movement. And the realness of it. It came from the core so it would touch people in way much deeper than say, 'Black & Yellow' does.OddFuture are making this type of music, they have affiliations such as Frank Ocean, who is the reason I started this post actually, who make a slightly different style of music however it's all very well made. Whatever they have put out is very well executed. 

It is by and large Hip Hop though so when I heard Frank Ocean's song when a friend (E.Osman, 'Shaniqua')  posted it on a networking site, I was astounded. 

It immediately brought Bruno Mars to mind. Not because of musical similarity but because I remember Mars saying that the music he makes is simple. Good, but simple. And that's what this song was. The song btw, was 'Swim Good' from 'Nostalgia, ULTRA' mixtape, link for this download below. 

There was one verse of wordplay but the rest of the song was just well written and GOOD. After listening to a few more tracks I was reminded a lot of Kanye's work. Again not because it's similar but because his work has been referenced and used properly. It would be easy to take a sample off Kanye or use an effect that he uses and say it's inspired by him. This is not how reference should be made. As an architecture student we are constantly using the world and other architecture as starting points for our own work, and are meant to use other buildings as inspiration, however the same referencing technique applies. It is easy to use the same colour brick as another building on our own buildings and say 'You can see the reference I have used and have paid homage to such and such building.' But that's stupid and bad architecture. To take that brick colour and make it so intergrated into your design in another way that still makes a statement, but that it looks seamless in your scheme, is an example of a good reference to a precedent.

Not all of it is like Kanye obv lol, a lot reminds me of Kid Cudi too. 
-Man if Cudi was with OddFuture it would be disgusting!! lol.

I know there are other artists like Sade etc are out there that make this soulful music like Frank, but I'm focusing on him and OddFuture because they are a movement. 

I believe they are going to blow minds soon.

Frank Ocean Interview and Download Link 
Both photo's Frank Ocean and Mixtape cover are also sourced from the above link. 

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