7 Jun 2011

Ways I Wear it -Playful Skirt

As soon as my Mum saw this she was like, 'this is a waste of money I bet you your not going to wear this more than once!'

So naturally, seeing as I'm meant to be resting post op anyway, I sat down and thought about all possible outfit combinations for it lol. Here's one:
 A couple variations for a daytime look which is what I'm wearing today actually!:
 A night-time look, a little tougher with the leather jacket over the soft fabric skirt and dusty pink colour. The second image isn't that clear here but I'm wearing tan brogues that you can see better in the following photograph!
Shots with the whole outfit included:

The skirt cost like £6.99 from H&M -is a little see through in that you could see the tee shirt tucked in so I wore a black jersey skirt from H&M also underneath and tucked the tee shirt into that.
The Jack Daniels esq. tee is from a Paris gift shop 
Leather look jacket is from New Look
Brogues again New Look
ShoeBoots from BullBoxer
Topshop tights

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