11 Jun 2011

Travel Nation! Summer Holiday Packing..

A few friends are off on holiday and I remembered all the times I've had that panic of putting everything into my hand luggage. The thought of not being able to go anywhere for 6-8hours, seems to scare us into a frenzy of trying to pack in everything we could ever want in Life!

I thought about five things that I think are the only things you really need. 

1. iPod!+Phone
2. Lip balm, chewing gum + hand cream..can also be used as a face cream if used sparingly -remember how dry your skin gets on the flight.
3. Pashmina.. can be worn as a scarf, used as a blanket, used a pillow aaand looks good  on your handbag when not in use. Phew!
4. A book I'm actually interested in -this isn't the time to start that Keats book 'you haven't gotten around to reading yet'-, or more realistically, a good quality magazine that you can dip in and out of in-between the inflight movies
5. Hair grips and hairbands for that messy hair after a night flight

One friend 's essentials -self confessed!- 'non-creative' list: 
-Makes for a very sociable flight ^.^ !!

Other things that may make your list: sickness pills, some people take a change of underwear/top, Gameboys, activity books, laptops..

Doing this exercise will make you think about you actually need and stop you having to lug around a handbag the max. weight limit!! Or you can let me do all the work and just use my list! :) 
If you have a more creative or interesting list post it! I wana read :)
Happy Flying, X&O's

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