2 Jul 2011

Favourite Fives.. Random Right Now!

A List of my Favourite Five things right now. No particular theme or order:

1. Wheatgerm oil. Amazing for skin, externally applied, helps improve circulation in the skin, eczema, also is very good for dehydrated skin. Massage well into the skin and leave for a while (10mins-1/2 hour) and then rinse with warm water. Wheatgerm oil and this little routine is commonly used as part of a facial treatment. Makes your skin brighter and softer.

2. Kevin Hart. Just love the guy to pieces he is so funny, check him on YouTube: HartBeat Productions.

3. Navy suede. Not seen these before.. but recently saw some women's dark navy suede moccasins and I actually fell in love a little.

4. Costa. New found appreciation. Never used to go here before one opened up near my house, every time go in and order something new I'm always pleasantly surprised. You get the horrible kind of surprises at Starbucks.. hot chocolate is disgusting!! I used to be a Starbucks VET.!

5. Boyfriend jeans rolled up a la Katie Holmes et Jessica Alba. Works best if your tall, otherwise makes thighs look chunkier than they are, petite frames suit this look wearing straight cut jeans.

 Happy Weekend

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