15 May 2012

Judging People

If you’re into style because you feel good when you put an outfit together and you enjoy it…great, it shows because you’re probably smiling a lot and you give off a good vibe. Going on and judging other people on their choices however, takes away any class and style you posessed. Think about how you would feel if someone who you admired who was ‘more stylish’ did that to you one day. Just some thoughts after seeing a few ‘style bloggers’ pages and the comments they make. Sort it out. I don’t really want that kind of BS on my Tumblr dashboard, I admire the style these people have I don’t like to see this attitude snaking around via comments about people they’ve seen out and about etc. I bet half of them wouldn’t be able to say it the persons face, don’t go onto Tumblr and shout about it.
Keep it positive.

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